About Me

I am a graduate from Bradford university and hold a marketing masters from University of Leeds. Currently i am marketing professional and i have created this blogg to share my views and document certain theories of marketing that i feel is important. On internet and library there would be hundreds of different columns and books where there is just too much to read however in-order to read a certain topic i dont think it would be fair to go through every piece of work by every marketing expert hence this blogg will have a collection and citation to help you exactly what you are looking for in just one click.

I would also post some of my previous assignments and work which would be helpful to students to understand a framework of the assignments and connect in a way so they could write it keeping in mind the theory and implication of the concerned topic related to marketing/business management and organizational behavior.

Please remember, I am not an Author, i am just inquisitive marketer who want to document certain things for the student and the marketer so they are updated with the theory and the practical case studies. I do not encourage plagiarism the idea of this blog is to give proper understand of the theory and support with current marketing case studies.

You can post and write back to me on my email